Dessert how much they love this word in different continents

Dessert - how much of this word.  With love in different continents?Desserts and sweet and flavorful treats, which does not do any full dinner or lunch. Origin desserts rooted in ancient France, and translated the word «dessert» means «to remove from the table.» It may be cheese, berries, fruit juices or sweets and desserts are served at the end of the meal. Classic desserts — cakes, sweets, chocolate, oriental sweets many other pastries. By the 19th century, these dishes were served only on noble receptions, common people ate sweet only on holidays. Therefore, there is a custom to decorate desserts, it’s first holiday dish. The most accessible, useful and popular desserts are considered fruits. However, no other meals not purchased such elegance and grace in the form of baking desserts.

Apparently not find in the world of large gourmet than the French. Read more… »

What shall we eat on New Year Cooking tasty and fast

What shall we eat on New Year's Eve?  Cooking tasty and fastAhead of the holidays, and has unwittingly begin to think about what dishes to surprise your loved ones on the holiday table. Of course, Olivier and herring under a fur coat has not been canceled, and jelly too. But I want something new, and was preparing to fast. I do not want to stand at the stove feast all day!

So, I suggest a few recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

Meat salad

In fact, I do not know what it is called, but the name itself is asking for it lots and lots of meat. The recipe that I pidhledila in a cafe.

So if you love meat — salad for you. Number of products given about 4 servings.

Take a piece of boneless beef 600 grams so, boil until cooked for two hours, no less.

Boil the potatoes in their skins, 800 grams, no more. Potatoes should go in terms of not more than meat, and can be less. Read more… »

Nettle pantry Health

Nettle - pantry Health

Nettles, who has previously had other names — "zhhuchka" and "strekava" — was widely known as a remedy in Russia in the XVII century. In villages with bunches of nettles local healers hovered in the baths of people who suffer from back pain, articular rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Not only as a medicinal plant used nettles. For example, last of bast fibers obtained from nettle, made filament, rope, fishing nets, and made a very strong fabric. In the 19th century, Europeans filtered through a sieve Krapivny honey and sifted flour.

Our ancestors widely used in magical rites nettles. It was believed that evil spirits are afraid of it. For example, a child who was too rebellious, whipped this plant is not to inflict pain but to expel him unclean, which, according to traditional healers, encourages child prokaznychat. Read more… »